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New IXL assignment due April 8: 
KK1-KK3, MM2-MM4, H2

Wednesday Wars
 Reading Schedule:
April 6: "March"
April 13: "April"
April 20: "May"
April 27: "June"

Work for Thursday, 3/26 - Friday, 3/27:

For Friday:
Please submit the requested work to my Google Classroom. Please keep everything else that you did over these two weeks so that we can review when we return from Spring Break. Do not throw things away-- I may end up grading them when we come back.

Please complete #1-5 under "Vocabulary Strategy: Noun Suffixes -ty and -ity" on page 37 in Collections
You do not have to write the sentence-- just the word. Please write these answers on the same sheet on which you did page 17 last Thursday.

Please complete #1-6, "Dangling Modifiers," page 316 in Collections
For those that are incorrect, you do need to write the whole, corrected sentence. If the sentence is correct as written, just write "Correct." Please do these on the same sheet of paper as page 17 and page 37.

Remember, to fix a dangling modifier, you can do one of two things:
1. Put the noun the modifier modifies directly after the comma
        For example: 
        INCORRECT: Running through the grass, the dew soaked the dog.
        --the dew is not what is running through the grass; the dog is running
        CORRECT: Running through the grass, the dog became soaked with dew. 
                --The noun is the dog, the modifier is "Running through the grass."
2. Turn the dangling modifier into a clause by adding a subject (a noun).
        For example:
        INCORRECT: Drinking from the water fountain, the water sprayed up my nose.
                --the water was not drinking from the fountain—Who was? I was.
        CORRECT: When I was drinking from the water fountain, the water sprayed up my nose.
                --Adding a subordinating conjunction (When) and a subject (I) turns a dangling                
                    modifier phrase into a dependent clause and makes the sentence make more sense 
                    because now you know who is drinking from the fountain.

Work for Monday, 3/23:
1. Read directions on page 38 in your Collections book for determining when to place a comma between adjectives.
2. Pay close attention to the two tests (The two bullet points under the chart) for determining if adjectives are coordinating (meaning of equal weight) and therefore need a comma between them. 
        More examples:
               Ex 1: The gray kitchen cabinets
                Test 1: The kitchen gray cabinets-- Nope
                Test 2: The gray and kitchen cabinets--  Nope
                  =  No comma needed
               Ex 2: The dark frozen South Pole
                Test 1: The frozen dark South Pole-- Maybe?
                Test 2: The dark and frozen South Pole-- Yeah, that sounds OK
                    = Comma needed-- The dark, frozen South Pole
3. You do not actually do the activity on page 38.
4. Instead, do the worksheet provided in your Week 1 packet.

---Please also make sure you finish the Analogies sheet and Grammar sheet (both are front and back) from Week 1. Begin work on the Civil Rights nonfiction articles in your Close Reader workbook. Make sure to do annotations and answer all questions in complete sentences and with evidence (when required). Also, make sure to answer the green "Short Response" question at the end of the readings.

---Continue reading The Wednesday Wars. "February" is due today. Continue doing the Powerpoints. Julius Caesar  (Aya, Tesneem) is due this week. Hamlet (Zaid, Ali) is due after spring break (4/6). Let me know if you have any issues.

---Make sure you are working on IXL.

---I will assign some extra grammar practice later in the week.

Work for Thursday, 3/19:
For your RPS practice for this week, please do page 17, "Vocabulary Strategies: Latin Roots" on a sheet of notebook paper. You will have a similar activity next Thursday, and you can do it on the same sheet. You do not have to write the sentence. Follow the directions as they are written.

Finish Triangle Fire materials (including Uprising organizer) so that you can begin the Civil Rights nonfiction and historical fiction next week. Ignore the work for tomorrow-- you will see that I left Week 2's Friday blank, not Week 1's. You can do the commas between coordinating adjectives grammar worksheet on Monday.

Have a nice weekend!

Work for Wednesday, 3/18:
New IXL assignment due April 8: KK1-KK3, MM2-MM4, H2

Work for Tuesday, 3/17:
I have attached the Powerpoint needed to fill out the top of the Uprising organizer. It includes directions on how to fill out the rest of the organizer. Please pay attention to the slide that tells you which character you are assigned for filling out the top of the back of the organizer. Also, please pay attention to the "Looks" part of the S.T.E.A.L. notes on the Powerpoint because I believe it includes important info not included on the S.T.E.A.L. notes on the organizer.

For the grammar bellringer, please do one side of the sheet (looks just like the stuff we do on Tues. and Wed. as bell ringers) this week and the other side for Week 2.

Let me know if you have questions.

Work for Monday, 3/16:
Don't forget to email/share Wednesday Wars "January" paragraph and vocab!

Nonfiction Organizer: 
  • Please answer the questions in complete sentences and restate. 
  • The chart at the bottom of the page requires you to write the name of a person from the article who is a PRIMARY SOURCE, meaning someone who was actually there during the fire (or out on the street), tell what they were doing on that day (is he/she a worker in the factory, on the street, a reporter?), what they are quoted saying in the article, and-- this is the important part-- how including this quote contributes to your understanding of the fire. Does the quote show you how terrified people were, how quickly the fire spread, what the scene on the ground was like?

Week of 3/9 - 3/13:
Due Monday: IXL Modules P7-P8, Q1-Q4, V1
Due Thursday: Vocab 6 Sentence Completion sheet
Vocab 6 Quiz on Friday!
Due Later:
Due Monday, 3/16: Wednesday Wars, "January"

Week of 3/2 - 3/6:
Due Monday: Wednesday Wars, "November"
Due Later:
Due Monday, 3/9: Wednesday Wars, "December"
Due Monday, 3/9: Vocab 6 definitions
IXL Modules due 3/9: P7-P8, Q1-Q4, V1

Week of 2/24 - 2/28:
Due Later:
Due Monday, 3/2: Wednesday Wars, "November"
IXL Modules due 3/9: P7-P8, Q1-Q4, V1

Week of 1/27 - 1/31:
MAP Testing this week!
IXL Modules due Monday: Z3, K4, D1-D4, P6
Due Mon.: Final drafts of Muslim Pride skits, if not already turned in
Due Friday: 100th day of school extra credit assignment (Please see below)

100th day of school extra credit assignment:
After choosing a book from the list of "100 Greatest YA Novels," write a paragraph about the book that includes:
1. Book title
2. Author name
3. Publication date
4. Summary that includes main character, setting, and main conflict
5. Who would enjoy this book?


Week of 1/13 - 1/17:
Due Wednesday: Vocab 5 sentence completion sheet
Spelling Bee on Thursday!
Due Friday: Final draft of Muslim Pride skit
Vocab Quiz on Friday!
Due Later:
IXL Modules due 1/27: Z3, K4, D1-D4, P6

Week of 1/6 - 1/10:
Due Tuesday: List of needed school supplies and goals, signed by parent
Due Friday: Vocab 5 definitions

Week of 12/9 -12/13:
Due Thurs.: Vocab 4 sentence completion sheet
Vocab Quiz on Friday!

Week of 12/2 - 12/6:
Due Mon.: any test corrections that have not already been turned in
Due Tues.: Gratitude poem
Due Fri.: Vocab 4 definitions
Due Fri.: any Hobbit makeup work
For makeup work-- Hobbit chapters per week:
Week 6: Chapter 8
Week 7: Chapters 9-10
Week 8: Chapters 11-12
Week 9: Chapters 13-14
Week 10: Chapters 15-17
Week 11: Chapters 18-19

Week of 11/18 - 11/22:
IXL Modules due 11/25: G3, K1-K3, K-New! (identify counterclaims), L1, U2
Due Mon., 11/25: last chapters of The Hobbit

Week of 11/11 - 11/15:
Due Tues: Simple vs. Compound Sentence worksheet, if not completed in class
Due Thurs: Vocab 3 sentence completion
Vocab Quiz on Friday!
Due later:
IXL Modules due 11/25: G3, K1-K3, K-New! (identify counterclaims), L1, U2

Week of 11/4 - 11/8:
Book Fair shopping on Wednesday!
Due Thursday: Vocab 3 sentence completion sheet
Vocab Quiz on Friday!
Due later:
Due Monday, 11/11: Hobbit assignments

Week of 10/21 - 10/25:
Unit Test on Friday!
Due later:
Due Monday, 10/28: Hobbit assignments
IXL Modules due 10/28: A1, E1, P1-P5
Vocab Quiz on 11/1

Week of 10/14 - 10/18:
Due Tuesday: #1-5 on page 27 in complete sentences
Due Friday: Vocab 3 definitions
Due later:
Due Monday, 10/21: Hobbit assignments
IXL Modules due 10/28: A1, E1, P1-P5

Week of 10/7 - 10/11:
Due Friday: 1st draft of fairy tale rewrite
Due later:
Due Monday, 10/14: Hobbit assignments

Week of 9/30 - 10/2:
Due Monday: IXL Modules Z1-Z2, HH.1, C.1, G.1, H.1, U.1
Due Tuesday: Vocab 2 sentence completion sheet
Vocab 2 Quiz on Wednesday!
Due later:
Due Monday, 10/7: Hobbit assignments

Week of 9/23 - 9/27:
Due Thursday: Vocab 2 sentence completion sheet
Vocab 2 Quiz on Friday!
Due later:
Due Monday, 9/30: Hobbit assignments
IXL Modules due 9/30: Z1-Z2, HH.1, C.1, G.1, H.1, U.1
Due Tues., 10/1: 1st draft of Fairy Tale Rewrite 

Week 9/16 - 9/20:
Due Friday: Vocab 2 definitions
Due later:
Due Monday: Fairy Tale Rewrite Prewriting
Due Monday, 9/23: Hobbit assignments
IXL Modules due 9/30: Z1-Z2, HH.1, C.1, G.1, H.1, U.1

Week of 9/9 -9/13:
IXL Modules due 9/9: Y.1-Y.7
Due Tuesday: Summer Reading Presentation
Due Next Week:
Hobbit assignments due Monday, 9/16

Week of 9/3 - 9/6:
Due Thursday: Vocab 1 Sentence Completion Sheet
Vocab 1 Quiz on Friday!
Due Next Week:
IXL Modules due 9/9: Y.1-Y.7
Summer Reading Presentation due Tuesday, 9/10

Week of 8/26 - 8/30:
Due Friday: Read to page 7 in your Close Reader workbook and answer Questions 1-4.
Due Friday: Vocab 1 definitions
IXL Modules due 9/9: Y.1-Y.7

Summer Project:
I hope everyone has a super summer! The summer reading assignment is attached below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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