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General Homework Guidelines

Students will receive daily homework with the exception of Fridays. I do not assign any homework on Friday, unless otherwise told to the students. The weekend will be a time for students to make-up work and complete the work they didn’t complete throughout the week. 

They will receive daily math homework along with daily math skill building drills. The daily math skill building drill will be working on an assigned module on IXL. Students will receive a username and password the first week of school. They will also be taught how to log on and learn the expectations of how to complete the module. 

Along with the skill building they will receive daily math problems. This will include the practice problems in the textbook after each lesson. The students are expected to do their homework without the use of a calculator. They are also expected to complete their assignments on their own without any digital assistance.

 If for any reason your child seems to be struggling with the assignments please do not hesitate to contact me.

Grading of Homework

I do not grade on a typical 100 point or 10 point format that most teachers grade on in regards to homework. Homework in my class is 1 or 2 points because they are daily assignments. If students are missing homework assignments, they will see a dramatic drop in their overall grade in my class. 

Missing work reports are sent out weekly, please pay attention to these reports as they will be vital throughout the year!